Interview with Brittany Snow

Zach McCoubry

Zach McCoubry

Bonnie Godas

Mass Media: You have such a wide variety of experience at your age, transitioning from soap operas to movies and now doing a horror film; is there any particular genre that you prefer over another?

Brittany Snow: I think it really depends. I think it’s really just about the project and I’m not really partial either way to film or television. It’s just more about the characters and the people that I’d be working with. I think what I look for mostly is just things that are going to really challenge me working with great directors or producers… people that I really respect and know that I can learn a lot from. If that’s in television then I would take that route, but as far as right now, I think I’m pursuing more films just because the characters, and there is a lot more going on with movies.

MM: Did you get to ever go to your prom?

BS: I didn’t actually. It’s funny, because I did this movie and one of the first things they asked me when I went out for the part was, “How was your prom? What was your prom like?”

I told them I never went to prom. I was actually working the day of my prom [on American Dreams].

MM: Do you feel like you missed out by not having that sort of experience?

BS: No, not really. It’s weird, because a lot of people ask me if I feel like I missed out on a lot of things by not getting to go to the parties in high school. I always look back and I think I didn’t really miss out. I went through my freshman and sophomore years of high school, and then, by that time, I was really focused on acting and wanting to do what I felt like I wanted to do for the rest of my life. But I still have my best friends from Florida and they sent me lots of pictures and they caught me up with what they were doing, so that was always really nice.

MM: What was the most intense moment for you that you either had to play or get into character for?

BS: I think probably there’s a scene where I have to view my mother getting killed right in front of me. It takes place when I’m, I think it’s 16 years old, so not only am I playing much younger than I am, but I’m also on the ground, under the bed, watching my mom get killed. Getting into that mentality is actually even worse than getting chased by a crazy killer or a psychopath, because you’re actually viewing somebody kind of getting killed.

MM: First, what goes on when you’re choosing a role, especially like with Nip/Tuck?

BS: In the past couple of years I’ve been choosing darker roles. After Prom Night I did two movies where I was playing a prostitute. I gravitate towards characters that have some sort of inner turmoil or some sort of character arch. I think that’s the great thing about acting is getting to do so many different things and being really diverse in your choices. I’m really open to anything, but so far it’s kind of going in that direction I guess.

MM: What else are you working on that fans can see you in?

BS: Well, I have a movie coming out I think pretty soon. It’s called Finding Amanda. It’s premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival. It will be out in the summer with Mathew Broderick. It’s kind of a dark comedy.

I also have a movie called Black Water Transit that’s coming out in the summer as well. That’s from Director Tony Kaye, who did American History X, and so that’s obviously not a very light movie. It’s very art-house, kind-of-crazy characters and crazy visuals and something only Tony Kaye, I guess, can do.

Then I’m doing a movie right now called The Vicious Kind. It’s kind of about men being obsessed with their girlfriends who cheated on them, and how that sort of mentality can completely mess you up for a really long time. That will be out next year.

Be sure to check out Brittany Snow in the thriller “Prom Night,” in theaters now!