Getting to know UMB: The Interfaith Campus Ministry

Amy Julian

You would never know it, but tucked deep in the heart of the Ryan Lounge in McCormack is a place where you can go and reflect, pray and feel welcome. No matter what religion you practice, or if you have not been to a church in your life, the Interfaith Campus Ministry offers services to students who need some spiritual guidance and a place to de-stress.

The Campus Ministry’s mission is simple: help students strengthen their relationship with themselves, others and a higher power. Through this process of self-reflection and discovery, the Campus Ministry wants to help students become more whole individuals, psychologically, spiritually and even academically.

Some studies have shown a correlation between one’s spirituality and his or her health; other studies have shown that being in touch with God brings about good fortune. Regardless of your intentions for seeking out guidance from the Interfaith Campus Ministry, you are welcomed with open arms into a nonjudgmental, caring environment.

The Campus Ministry offers religious leadership for all faiths; through its work with area churches and synagogues, the Campus Ministry is able to bring together an aggregate of religions to foster tolerance and peacefulness. Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or Islamic, you will be welcomed.

The Campus Ministry offers many services to students of UMB. The Catholic Ministry, for instance, holds Mass nearly every Wednesday at 12:30 in the Interfaith Chapel; students of all faiths are welcome to come and participate in hearing the word of God. The Catholic Ministry also offers Bible Study groups, where students can talk about scripture openly with other students. The Islamic Ministry also offers weekly prayer on Fridays from 1:00-2:00 p.m. All Ministries offer one-on-one meetings with students to discuss any issues or future religious goals.

Aside from the on-campus worship, the Campus Ministry also offers classes for students to receive baptism, confirmation, bar or bat mitzvah and other religious milestones. The staff at the Campus Ministry is kind and nonjudgmental, and they will help get you started on your path towards your religious goals. Staff will also help put you in contact with religious organizations in Boston for outside-of-school prayer.

Whatever your take on religion, or your current practices, the UMB Campus Ministry is a worthwhile place to go for some silent reflection and spiritual advice. Together with Catholic Ministry staff member Bob Collins, I have learned so much about myself through prayer and communication with a Higher Power; I will be receiving the sacraments of Communion and Confirmation on April 26 as part of a citywide college ceremony. If you are on campus and have some time to kill, or want to take a minute for yourself, stop by the Campus Ministry in McCormack on the third floor (in the Ryan Lounge). Because who couldn’t benefit from a little self-reflection and peace and quiet?

For more information about the Campus Ministry and events and services offered, visit or stop by the Chapel and speak to a staff member.