Halloween Haute Couture

Amy Julian

With Halloween rapidly approaching, it’s time to get a little inventive and kooky. Let your conservative side off the hook for the night and dress up! Just because we are in college does NOT mean we can’t still celebrate All Hollow’s Eve in STYLE!

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Storybook CharacterOk, maybe it’s just me, but the whole sexy-storybook characters movement isn’t for me. Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ? Yeah, they are supposed to be kids characters, probably kids themselves. Bypass Spencer’s and other novelty shop and create your own storybook character!

Alice in Wonderland? Black headband? Lace Socks? Mary Jane shoes/flats? Blue dress (like Alice herself!)? Blond Wig

Dorothy? Gingham Dress (you can get one cheap at a costume shop or even get material and make it!)? Basket with a stuffed Toto dog? Red bows for your hair? Red ruby slippers. (Hint: if you can’t find a pair of ruby slippers, do what I did one year: buy a cheap pair of Keds or generic white sneakers, spray paint them red and even put red glitter on them with a spray adhesive.

GrapesThis one is great and cheap and easy. While you may not be able to sit down all night without turning yourself into wine, you will definitely look grape-er, I mean great!? Bag of purple balloons? Bag of green balloonsBlow up all balloons and stick them to yourself, green on your shoulders and your head, the purple on your torso. ? Try and keep your shirt and pants purple or as dark as you can!

Any Food ProductWhen I asked my dad what he wanted to be this year for Halloween, he said something that confused and humored me. He said he wanted to be bacon and eggs. When I asked him how he would do this, it got me thinking, you could be anything, with the help of a cardboard box and some paint!

Cut out a big piece of cardboard or poster board to attach to both your front and back, in the shape of your desired food choice. In this case, bacon and eggs. Then, simply paint the poster board to look like that food. Try and coordinate your underneath clothes to match your food choice. Now if only they made bacon smelling cologne, my dad would be all set.

Flava Flav? Viking Horns? Gold Grilz? Glittery red sunglasses? Big Clock? “Flava of Love” iron-on T-shirt

Bret Michaels? Poison 1989 tour t-shirt? Big gaudy belt buckle? Long blonde wig? Cowboy hat? Bandana with skulls? Face paint crayons (for tats)? Jeans and cowboy boots

Disguises For CouplesBritney and K. FedFor Britney:? Bald cap? Pink wig? Ill-fitting outfit? Dog leashes with dolls on the ends

For K. Fed:? An a-shirt? Doo ragEmpty beer can

Greeks or Romans? Sheets as togas? Gold body paint? Snakes or apples (as accessories)? Crown of laurels

Last Minute DisguisesThis is if you got caught up in school, work, Red Sox fever, or were just too damn lazy to go out and buy a costume and you are left with only hours to go. Don’t spend your money on one of those really expensive costumes at a specialty shop (chances are, all the good ones will be gone). Save your money and your sanity by throwing together a generic, yet workable Halloween costume.

Cowboy/CowgirlAlmost any store, Walgreens, CVS, dollar stores, will have the components for this at little cost. You can wear anything, but spice it up with a button up flannel or plaid shirt! ? Cowboy hat (I got mine for $1 at Target last season and I’m reusing it for this Halloween for my portrayal of Bret Michaels)? Red Bandana? A sheriff badge. Can’t find one of these? Print one out off the computer and glue it to a piece of cardboard and voila! There’s a new sheriff in town!

PirateWhile you might not be as decked out as the Jack Sparrow wannabe, you will still fit in with costumed folk! Hit up any dollar store and you can find this stuff, unless you already happen to have it!? Pirate hat? Eye Patch, or even a piece of black construction paper on an elastic!? Sword and/or hook (Plastic only people!)? Adventurous guys: eye liner is always optional? Your best scurvy-knave accent! ARG!!

TiredNow this may not be a stretch for many, worst case scenario, you could always be sleepy! It’s all in how you pull it off. ? Pair of Pj’s, works best if they are matching, flannel pj’s? Slippers? Teddy Bear and Blankey? Girls can put their hair in pig tails or braids! Guys, mess up your hair for that “just got out of bed” look!

Fun Face paint tricks!You know how they say duct tape fixes everything? Well, lets just say that face paint is the duct tape of Halloween! Here are some fun ideas you can use with only face paint and maybe some props!

Army man/woman – paint on army colored camo and you have a costume!

Sports Fan – you know those crazy obsessed sports fans that paint their faces and are all decked out? Paint yourself the school colors (or even pro-team) and if you have it, throw on a T-shirt from your team, and you are an instant sports fan! Extra points for a crazy same-colored wig or pom-poms

Tattoo person – draw your own tats, on your arms, your neck, your legs, your face, well you get the idea. Go crazy without really getting inked and simply be badass for Halloween!

Cat – easy and cute! Simply draw a nose on your nose (makes sense, right?) and some whiskers on your cheeks! (Works best with cat ears and a tail! These can be bought at any local store, like CVS or Brooks)

Hottest home-made Halloween costumes for 2007Space DudeBox, glue, construction paper – ’nuff said.

MagnetoTake old Santa Claus costume from Xmas 2003. Dye your mom’s best bed sheet and your best pair of tightie whities purple. Paper maché your head and paint red for helmet. For extra flair use your sister’s prom gloves and voila you are a super villan.

Flying Spaghetti MonsterImpress your atheist friends with this dazzler. All you need is a mop (new preferably), two ping pong balls and some alien antenae. You are the most clever of your group!

Now that you have some ideas, there’s no excuse to say you didn’t know what to be or didn’t have time to be anything! Have a happy and safe Halloween!!