Youth Movement

Ben Whelan

Don’t worry, that crash you heard earlier was the UMB women’s soccer program breaking out. This season the Lady Beacons have eclipsed last year’s totals for both wins and points scored, almost doubling both totals. Much of the credit goes to coach Amy Zombeck, who’s steady hand and leadership have guided the Lady Beacons since she took over the program last year. Some of the credit must also go to Chancellor Motley, whose initiatives to improve the athletics at UMass-Boston have resulted in the ability to recruit better coaches and to attract and maintain quality coaches such as Zombeck. However, there is only so far that coaching and administrative support can take a team, and like any sport, it comes back to the players on the field.

This year’s team features a core of six first and second year players who have single-handedly outscored last years team and infused the Lady Beacons with a shot of energy and pure talent. Freshman midfielder/forwards Jillian Moreira (4G, 3A, 11Pts), Nicki Finamore (2G, 2A, 6Pts) and Jill Collins (2G, 1A, 5Pts) along with second year midfield/forwards Amber Wilson (4G, 8Pts) and Erika Marsters (3G, 6Pts) are the next generation of UMB women’s soccer. They are among the first players to enter the program since the Chancellors new initiatives began at the beginning of last year and will be the team’s leaders as more talent is added in the years to come. This kind of firepower combined with Zombeck’s attacking style should produce some teams that are going to be very fun to watch as this young nucleus grows.