The Holiday Gift Guide

Amy Julian

Sick of needing to buy gifts for people and having no idea what to get them? Have friends that seem to run the gamut of personality types? Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any other holiday this season, here’s your no-fail guide to buying the perfect gift for that special someone! Of course, not all types are listed here, or you may have some very well-rounded friends or family members that are a little bit of everything. I’ve included a celebrity counterpart to help better understand the type you’re working with. Gift ideas here not exactly what you are looking for? See the “Best Gift Card Options” for some clever ideas that will please your special someone and still cater to their taste. And when all else fails, there are always Simon Mall gift cards or Visa Check Cards. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

GIRL’S GIFT GUIDEIf you are looking for that perfect gift for your sister, best friend, or girlfriend, venture beyond the standard flowers, jewelry or perfume. Sure, those things are nice, but this holiday season, match her personality with these special gifts that she’ll absolutely adore!

This girl is the female version of the Music Savvy Guy. She marches to the beat of her own drum, and is heavily into music and concert going. Always looking for ways to go against the grain, she loves to experiment with her look, often resulting in dye jobs and funky fashions.

? Punk Love (Hardcover) $18.25? Xhiliration Skinny Jeans $19.99? Brat Pack Collection (DVD Set) $34.99? Rolling Stone 1,000 Covers (Hardcover) $6.99? Rocky Horror Picture Show 2008 Calendar $16.95BEST GIFT CARD OPTIONS: Newbury Comics, Hot Topic, Garment District

The Goofy GirlThis girl is the comedian of the group. The comic relief when people are down, she always knows how to lighten the mood with a perfectly-timed joke or silly story. She’s a fun girl who loves to make others laugh.

? Arrested Development – the complete series (DVD Set) $54.99? Saved By the Bell Graffiti Pajama Pants $14.95? Zobmondo! Would You Rather? Classic Board game $16.99? Dane Cook – Rough Around the Edges: Live from Madison Square Garden (CD) $7.99? The Practical Jokers Handbook (Paperback) $11.01BEST GIFT CARD OPTIONS: Newbury Comics, Funusual, FYE

The DivaThis girl is confident, sexy and sometimes has high demands. Sometimes referred to as “high maintenance,” the Diva is glamorous and enjoys the finer things in life. While jewelry (think big bling) is always an option, why not give her something different this holiday season.

? Vera Wang Princess Holiday Gift Set $48.00? Philosophy Ski House Beauty Set$35.00? bebe Sloan Caramel Boots $99.95? Coach iPod Mini Case $45.00? Makeup: The Art of Beauty (Paperback) $10.17BEST GIFT CARD OPTIONS: Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Macy’s

The Sporty GirlMaybe she plays sports, or maybe she’s just a tomboy who loves watching and talking sports with her buddies. Not afraid to get a little dirty, the sporty girl is health-conscious and takes her fitness and sports seriously. This girl is often found in the gym or at the local bar watching the game, high-fiving her buds.

? Nike Shox Remix Women’s Running Shoes $84.95? Boston Red Sox Authentic Collection Women’s Stack Hoodie $44.95? Apple MA365LL/B Nike iPod Sports Kit $28.99? Dare to Dream: The Story of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team (DVD) $14.99? Adidas Women’s ClimaLite Athletic Pants $45.00BEST GIFT CARD OPTIONS: Lady Footlocker, City Sports, Modell’s

For the Environmentally Conscious GirlThis girl cares about global warming and loves to keep it natural. A minimalist, the nature-loving girl uses only organic foods and fabrics, and does her part to spread the word about the environment. A free spirit, this girl is one with nature.Celebrity Counterpart: Joss Stone

? Anya Hindmarch “I’m not a plastic bag” tote $49.99? Juice Beauty Organics to Go Kit $29.00? Pear Dishtowels (Set of 3) $15.95? Black “Conserve” T-shirt $24.00? “Go Further” (DVD) $17.99BEST GIFT CARD OPTIONS: Whole Foods, The Body Shop, Barnes & Noble

For the Girly GirlShe loves all shades of pink. She often will wear dresses, and never holds back on lace or floral prints. This girl likes fluffy things and is hesitant to get dirty or do anything that could damage her manicure. Celebrity Counterpart: Mariah Carey

? Isaac Mizrahi for Target Lace Headband $12.99? Marciano Bow Hoop Earring $54.00\? Shake It Up: Chic Cocktails and Girly Drinks (Hardcover) $9.95? Breakfast at Tiffany’s-Special Collector’s Edition (DVD) $10.99? Darling Dog Luggage Tag Set $16.68BEST GIFT CARD OPTIONS: Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Sephora

For the Hip-Hop HoneyThis girl has urban style, straight from the streets. She keeps it real in all the latest trends and adds edge to the classic fashions. She loves “bling” and lots of gold.Celebrity counterpart: Lil Mama

? Bling: The Hip-Hop Jewelry Book (Hardcover) $13.57? Baby Phat 1016 Matt Gold Sunglasses with Rhinestones $29.99? RocaWear by Pro-Keds Flame Print Jogger Sneaker $47.99? Female American Rap Stars (DVD) $12.99? 14K Gold Large Hoop Earrings $39.99BEST GIFT SHOP OPTIONS: Tellos,, Macy’s

GUY’S GIFT GUIDEI’ve always found that guys are harder to shop for than girls. Sure, you could always get a gift card, but sometimes you want to go the extra mile and buy him something he’ll love, something tailored to who he is. So, here’s a gift-giving guide for the holidays to cater to your man’s (or any man’s) taste.All gifts can be found on or through their affiliated retailers.

The Funny GuyThis is the guy who makes you laugh no matter what. He enjoys the immature humor and shenanigans that most have left in the 3rd grade, but it suits him well. The “class clown,” he is the life of the party, always willing to be crazy and goofy.

? Joke’s On You: 12 Prank Kit $14.95? Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell (DVD) $7.99? Blame It On the Dog: A Modern History of the Fart (Paperback) $9.95? Singing Toilet Paper Roll $5.95? “Don’t Need a Permit for These Guns” T-shirt $12.95BEST GIFT CARD OPTIONS: Newbury Comics, Spencer’s, FYE

The Sci-Fi GuyAlso maybe referred to as a “geek” or a “nerd,” this guy loves science and frequents chat rooms for codes on Dungeons and Dragons. Though social skills and dating aren’t his strong suits, this guy is brilliant beyond belief and adorable. Get friendly with the geek in your life by buying him something special!Celebrity counterpart: Michael Mintz

? Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset $19.99? Dungeons and Dragons: The Complete Animated Series (DVD set) $34.99? Battlestar Galactica Logo & Ship T-shirt $24.95? Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine subscription (11 issues/12 months) $34.95? Final Fantasy VII Valentine 15-inch Plush $14.95BEST GIFT CARD OPTIONS: Discovery Channel Store, Borders, GameStop

The Man’s ManHe’s what you think of when you say macho. A guy’s guy. The sporty guy. He likes watching sports, maybe kicking back with a beer and eating steak and nachos. This is a guy who frequents loud places and doesn’t mind crowds. Doesn’t miss a single championship game and sometimes plays a bit rough, especially when video games are involved. Think “Animal House” meets “Friday Night Lights.”

? Madden NFL ’08 (Video Game) starting at $29.99? Boston Red Sox Big Break Hooded Sweatshirt $49.99? ABC Wide World of Sports: 40 Years of Glory (DVD) $14.99? New England Patriots Alarm Clock $18.49? Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Microbrewery System (21) $39.97? Deluxe Barbeque Tool Set $18.25BEST GIFT CARD OPTIONS: Lids, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bob’s

The Urban GuyThis guy wants to keep it fresh. Has street cred with style, and keeps it real. Sometimes referred to as a “thug,” the Urban Guy shines with inner-city style and hip-hop flare.

? Urban Dictionary: Fularious Street Slang Defined (Paperback) $10.36? Champs Sports Men’s Full Zip Fleece with Thermal Line $39.99? Ecko “Riverside” Sneakers $59.95? EOS Men’s Headway Watch $85.00? XXL Magazine subscription (11 issues/12 months) $12.00BEST GIFT CARD OPTIONS: Champs, Hip Zepi USA, Tellos

For the Artsy GuyThis is a guy who’s cultured and appreciates art. A guy who can see things in paintings you can’t and has an incredible imagination. He loves retro-eqsue or nostalgic stuff, and appreciates the beauty in every art form. Usually shy, he can range from sophisticated art lover to a giggly guy who loves the sheer hideousness of fads. ? 20th Century Icons-Kitsch by Wayne Hemingway (Hardcover) $79.00 ? Simon Schama’s Power of Art (DVD set) $34.49 (free shipping!)? Subscription to “The Artist’s Magazine” (10 issues/12 months) $19.96? Art Alternatives Marquis Desk Easel Set $31.14? Sigur Rós’s “Takk…” (CD) $13.98? Monet’s “Water Lilies” Placemats (Set of 4) $39.95BEST GIFT CARD OPTIONS: Michaels, AC Moore, Starbucks

For the Intellectual GuyHe enjoys stimulating conversation and political discussions, uses big words and does very well in his classes. Analytical and outspoken about his beliefs and abilities, this guy has a worldview and isn’t afraid to share it with you.Celebrity Counterpart: Common

? Sicko Special Edition (DVD) $19.99? Merriam-Webster’s Premium Gift Set $39.42? The New York Times Little Black (and White) Book of Crosswords $10.36? Politics by Aristotle and Benjamin Jowetts (Paperback) $3.50? The Almanac of American Politics, 2008. (Paperback) $47.22? TIME Magazine subscription (56 issues/12 months) $29.99BEST GIFT CARD OPTIONS: Barnes & Nobles, Starbucks

For the Music-Savvy GuyWhether he’s a musician or just really into music, this guy knows his way around a song. Passionate about music and concert-going, he’s often compared to the artsy guy, but the music-savvy guy is often more “bad ass,” and is sometimes even referred to as punk/gothic.Celebrity counterpart: Frank Lero (My Chemical Romance)

? Rolling Stone Magazine subscription (26 issues/12 months) $14.95? His favorite band T-shirt $20.00 ? Zero Embossed Logo Snap Men’s Leather Belt $29.99? Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High Tops $39.99? Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle (PS2) $79.99? The Women of Rock, Rolling Stone Calendar $16.95BEST GIFTCARD OPTIONS: iTunes, Newbury Comics, FYE