Letter from the Editor

Ben Whelan

If you are a student at this school or any of the UMass campuses, or know someone who is, your world is just about to dramatically change. Next Friday, the Board of Trustees will vote on whether to raise fees by $1500 per student, real talk. Needless to say, normally when most people hear Board of Trustees their eyes glaze over and they tune out because usually the stuff the Board does not affect our daily lives in a big way, and it seems like there is nothing anyone can do about it. This time however, not only will it directly affect each one of us in a very real way, but there is something you c an do about it. Scream, holler, write everyone you know, and definitely jump on the bus to the meeting at the Dartmouth campus and make your voice heard.

In News, check out Caleb Nelson’s coverage of this whole thing to get a detailed account of what happened, what’s happening and where you fit in.

In Arts, Bonnnie Godas takes a turn analyzing the creepy but musically productive relationship between violin prodigy Alison Krauss and used up hard-rocker Robert Plant. Granted it’s weird, but they still won more Grammys than you.

In Sports, Ryan Thomas continues his coverage of the saga that is men’s hockey and Maria “Nasty” Nasta gets a much deserved nod as The Star You See this week.

-Ben Whelan EIC