Alcohol & Addiction Resource Center Offers …

Natalia Cooper

Alcohol & Addiction Resource Center Offers …

In their office located on the fourth floor of the Wheatley Building in room 169, the Alcohol & Addiction Resource Center will be holding Alcoholics anonymous meetings every Wednesday at 1pm. They will also hold 12-step program discussions on Tuesdays and Fridays from 12pm to 1pm. Refreshments will be served. The meetings are set to take place all semester long, the center is handicap accessible and open to everyone. If interested stop by or call them at 617-287-7981.

Speak A Word, or Sing a Word, or Dance a Word of Faith

On Thursday, October 24 from 4pm to 6pm in the Interfaith Chapel, located inside the Ryan Lounge on the third floor of the McCormack Building, will be an open mic and open floor event in which all are invited to attend and participate. The event will be a chance for members of the UMass Boston community to share their personal experiences and expressions of faith. All are welcome, refreshments will be served. The event is sponsored by the Protestant Campus Faith Ministry. For more information on this event call 617-287-5838 or e-mail [email protected].

Speak Out Against Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the Women’s Center is planning to host speakers, The Clothesline Project, show films, and organize a speak out. The Women’s Center is seeking volunteers to share their experiences, the experiences of their family members or friends, or even facts and figures about domestic violence. They hope to present a wide variety of topics within the issue of domestic violence to depict the diversity of the UMB student body and the issues UMB students face. If you are interested in speaking or if you have ideas or suggestions contact the UMB Women’s Center at 617-287-7986 or email [email protected].

Make a Difference in a Local Child’s Life Through Project D.E.E.P.(Written by the staff of Project D.E.E.P.)

Project D.E.E.P., the Dorchester Educational Enrichment Program, is currently recruiting volunteer tutors for its 2002-2003 One-on-One Tutorial Program. We are looking for people like you, the students, faculty and staff of UMass Boston, to help Project D.E.E.P. kids become better students and, ultimately, to help them fulfill their dreams. Project D.E.E.P. is a non-profit educational program located at the Murphy Community Center off of Morrissey Blvd. in Dorchester. The program uses the unique concept of employing athletic summer camp scholarships as an incentive for students to work in after-school educational programs. The core of these programs involves individualized tutoring and mentoring, but the elements of examination preparation, creative writing, private school application assistance and community service have all been vital to the program’s overall success. Project D.E.E.P. students are middle school children from across Dorchester who work in the organization’s educational programs at the Murphy Community Center. Each student earns points toward a summer camp scholarship based on his/her diligence within the One-on-One Tutorial Program. Students work in a safe environment toward the fun of summer camp, and, along the way, they improve their grades, study skills, creative writing and test-taking abilities, all while meeting new friends. Project D.E.E.P.’s volunteer tutors work with the program’s students on a weekly basis, helping them with their homework, writing, organizational habits and study skills. A typical 90-minute tutoring session will usually range from intense test preparation to fun conversation. If you are interested in becoming a Project D.E.E.P. tutor please contact either the Project D.E.E.P. office at 617-635-5027 or Jain Ruvidich-Higgins at UMass Boston’s Office of Service Learning and Community Outreach. (Interested UMass Boston employees may be able to participate in the state’s Mentoring Program, which provides employees the opportunity to serve as one-on-one mentors to young people. The program offers eligible employees the opportunity to volunteer for one working day per month, without loss of salary or benefits.)