Grad College of Ed Loses Dean

Natalia Cooper

Just over two years ago, the Graduate College of Education (GCOE) welcomed Dr. Clara Jennings as their new dean. Now, just in time for the Fall 2002 semester, that college is left without a dean.

According to a memo from Winston Langley dated August 12, “an interim dean will be appointed to replace Dean Jennings, and that person will hold the position until a national search is conducted to find a permanent dean …” Langley released the memo while holding the position of interim provost for a few weeks this summer.

Nominations for interim dean were accepted until August 23. The interim dean will be selected by the Provost’s office, which will consult Chancellor Gora and the Senate of the GCOE.

The university also states in their announcement that Dr. Jennings’ resignation would be effective September 6. However, when The Mass Media visited the office of the GCOE on August 30 we were told that Dr. Jennings left on August 29.

A source in the GCOE office who wished to remain anonymous, said Jennings left because “she found a better job with a lot more money.” That source went on to say that Jennings “got us [the GCOE] on our feet and got us certified, she picked us up and straightened us out.”

In April, Jennings led the college through an accreditation review by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE.) That council said in their report on the GCOE that the college met their accreditation standards “with no weaknesses.”

Jennings also contributed a five-year strategic plan, a Professional Education Unit, and orchestrated a drastic reduction in part-time faculty in the GCOE. She also helped to create a dean’s advisory group, the goal of which is to foster more effective links with the community.