Police Log published 12/12/02

Natalia Cooper

Tuesday, December 3

9:40am- Road rage! Time release formula: An accident between two motor vehicles on University Drive South resulted in minor property damage. Papers were exchanged and the two parties went on their way.

11:40am- A false fire alarm sounded in Wheatley Hall. It was most likely pulled.

2:36pm- In Wheatley Hall a student in class complained of chest pains.

2:36pm- A student in the same class as the student in the above complaint also complained of chest pains. Sick building syndrome or end of semester anxieties? We’ll never know.

6:41pm- Road rage released: Public Safety received a call in which one of the people involved in the accident at 9:40am reported harassment threats from the other person involved.

Thursday, December 5

10:14am- Vandalism was reported in the McCormack Building’s first floor lobby.

1:13pm- In the Clark Athletic Center several people refused to leave the gym when the attendants asked them to do so. However, the group quickly dispersed when an officer arrived and asked them to leave.

2:09pm- A mechanical alarm went off in the McCormack Building due to a broken pipe.

5:21pm- A person in the McCormack Building left their office only to return to a screen full of porn. Apparently, someone used the person’s office computer to cruise Internet pornography sites and left one of those sites up on the screen. The incident was then reported to campus police.

5:47pm- A single car accident on University Drive South, probably due to hazardous weather conditions. 5:49pm- Medical assist in the Healey Library, someone complained of pain in their leg. An ambulance was called and the person was taken to the hospital to get checked out.

6:28pm- In the McCormack Building a party needed medical assistance, an ambulance was called but the person didn’t go to the hospital.

6:53pm- A single car accident on University Drive South, like the earlier accident, chalked up to poor visibility and bad weather.

6:57pm- Public Safety checked out an outside report of 9-1-1 calls being made from public phones in the McCormack Building. All was well.

Friday, December 6

4:38pm- False fire alarm in the McCormack Building.

Saturday, December 7

7:23am- An alarm went off in the Administration Building cafeteria. After only disgusting food was found it seems the police pursued no further action, and assumed all was normal in the cafe.

Sunday, December 8

10:35am- A report of a missing person was received. The mother of a juvenile reported having received calls from her missing son from public phones at UMass Boston. Police checked for the teen in the library and found him among the stacks.

11:03am- In the Science Center, some work-study students accidentally set off a building alarm.

1:19pm- Several juveniles were reportedly breaking into the vending machines located in the first floor hallway of the McCormack Building. The juveniles were apprehended by campus police and brought to the Public Safety Office. They will be summoned to court and were released into their parents’ custody.

2:17pm- One of the juveniles taken in as part of the motley crew mentioned in the above incident complained of difficulty breathing while in police custody. He was taken to the hospital and it was determined that he was fine.