Three-Car Accident At Campus Entrance

Photos by Carl Brooks

Photos by Carl Brooks

Gintautas Dumcius

Three cars collided at the entrance to UMass Boston when one ran a red light, hitting a car that was turning into the university’s drive, causing it to spin and hit a car that was leaving campus.

A Maxima was turning left into the campus driveway when a small silver truck came and hit it, making it spin into Camry, owned by a UMass graduate student. It struck the Camry’s right corner, causing minor damage to the Camry. The impact of the truck blew out the Maxima’s back windshield, violently sprinkling glass all across the highway.

“The Maxima was crossing over traffic and [the truck driver] was coming straight through. He tried to step on his brake, and screeched, and hit the Maxima. And the Maxima went in a circle and hit me,” said Michelle Bolser, the Camry owner and a graduate student English teacher who had left for class at 12:20pm to go pick up her daughter.

By the time state police had descended onto the scene, along with two fire trucks and an ambulance, the truck driver had parked his car near Boston College High and was sitting on the cement island. He declined to comment or identify himself. “I’m good, thanks,” he said.

The Maxima owner escaped with minor injuries, and was taken to the hospital by the ambulance. It is unclear at this time whether he was a UMass student.

According to an officer on the scene, one of the two main cars had run the red light. “I haven’t decided which one,” he said, before driving off.

“I can’t tell you what color any light was, except that mine was red,” said Bolser. “I wasn’t looking at the other lights. But if you stand here long enough you can probably figure out, if you watched the lights, who had the green one and who didn’t.”