78 Faculty, Staff Honored At Dinner

Photos by Jason Campos

Photos by Jason Campos

Gintautas Dumcius

Several things always point to spring at UMass Boston: warmer weather, the ring of dandelions around the lacrosse field, and the annual Faculty Appreciation Dinner.

In its ninth year of operation, under the Division of Student Affairs, the dinner honored 78 faculty, staff, and administrators.

“We were able to ratchet it up a little and we were also able to honor some special people,” said J. Keith Motley, ending his first year as vice chancellor of student affairs. Motley, who hosted the dinner and was also nominated for an award by a student, pointed to special recognitions like James Williams, a grill cook for Sodexho, who can often be seen at Pete’s Arena in the cafeteria.

Chancellor Jo Ann Gora, in her speech to the crowd of two hundred in the Campus Center ballroom, said in the 78 nomination letters, students said again and again what “good friends, thoughtful advisors, and inspiring role models” their nominees were.

Newly-appointed President Jack Wilson also put in an appearance, informing the crowd of his experiences with telling the story of UMass to legislators and others. “I get an absolutely terrific response,” he said. “UMass Boston is a huge part of that response.”

The university has been through some tough times, he said, but it kept it together, for which faculty and staff were “absolutely critical.”

Wilson also praised Gora for doing a “great job” and said he was pleased to report UMass is on a “positive trajectory.”

Honorees came up to the stage for their award and a photograph with Motley and Gora as Provost Paul Fonteyn read off their names.

From political science professor and former provost Charles Cnudde to chemistry professor John Warner, who has recently been featured in commercials for UMass and is heading to UMass Lowell, all made their way to receive their award.

“I am just so happy to be together sharing this honor,” said Shirley Tang, who was there with fellow Asian American Studies professors Karen Suyemoto, Grace Kim, and Peter Kiang. “I feel particularly happy and particularly honored,” she said. Tang is no stranger to the ceremonies: it’s her third time nominated, and her third year at UMass Boston.

Faculty/Staff Honored

Lee Hart (Graduate College of Education)Roger Feinstein (Political Science)Mark Schlesinger (Communication Studies)Maurice Cunningham (Political Science)Joan Arches (Human Services)Lois Rudnick (American Studies)Robert Dentler (Sociology)Roberta Young (Academic Support)Jonathan Millman (Economics)Roger Blake (Management Science and Information Systems)William Campbell (Computer Science)Richard Kesseli (Biology)Stephanie Hartwell (Sociology)Anita Miller (Academic Affairs)Charles Cnudde (Political Science)Steve Ackerman (Biology)William Hagar (Biology)Thomas Hogan (Accounting and Finance)Arindam Bandopadhyaya (Accounting and Finance)Donna Neal (Student Life)Nancy Stieber (Art)Nurul Islam (Economics)John Byrnes (Math)Linda Hardenbergh (Student Services, CPCS)John Looney (Earth and Geographic Sciences)Robert Wilson (Computer Science)Robert Weiner (Political Science)Marc Pomplun (Computer Science)Alisa Beaver (Graduate College of Education)Richard Gelpke (Earth and Geographic Sciences)Frenck Waage (Operations Management)Mari Koerner (Curriculum and Instruction)Maryanna Ham (Counseling and School Psychology)Lisa Gonsalves (Curriculum and Instruction)Terry McLarney (Law and Labor Studies)Jay Dee (Leadership in Education)Linda Eisenmann (Graduate College of Education)J. Keith Motley (Student Affairs)Brenda Gordon (Academic Support)Wilfredo Chiesa (Art)Marc Prou (Africana Studies)Ruth Miller (History)Peter Kiang (Asian American Studies)Judith Smith (American Studies)Robert Beattie (Environmental Studies)Joseph Gindhart (Biology)Mizuho Arai (Psychology)Pamela Jones (Art)Karen Suyemoto (Asian American Studies)Caroline Coscia (Political Science)Peter Taylor (Critical and Creative Thinking)Jason Evans (Chemistry)Laurel Wainwright (Psychology)Mary Shaner (English)Edward Stern (Sociology)Elizabeth Bussiere (Political Science)Stephen Mrozowski (Anthropology)Shirley Tang (Asian American Studies) Hannah Sevian (Curriculum and Instruction)Louise Penner (English)Dennis Maxey (Instructional Design)Sergio Goncalves (Athletics)Bryan Williams (University Advising)Manickam Sugumaran (Biology)Minsik Choi (Economics)Nancy Lovejoy (Adult and Gerontological Nursing)Rita Peters (Political Science)Duncan Nelson (English)Asgedet Stefanos (CPCS)Marian Spencer (Gerontology)John Warner (Chemistry)Allyn Pazienza (Undergraduate Programs)Grace Kim (Asian American Studies)Kellee Barnard (Classics)Neal Bruss (English)Margherita Cappelli (English)Shoshanna Ehrlich (Community Advocates Law)Julie Winch (History)

Special Recognition:

Jo Ann Gora, Chancellor Peter Langer, Associate Provost Kathleen Teehan, Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management Sarah Weatherbee, University CommunicationsJames Williams, Sodexho

Central Reprographics Team:

Paul BreslinLinda KhucBrian LeBlancPhilip LeBlancBernadette LevasseurPhilip MarottaPhilip MayoKahrim WadeJerry Wooten

Source: The Division of Student Affairs