Student Profile: Katherine McComas

Young Kevin Xia

Young Kevin Xia

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When asked if she could summarize herself, Katherine McComas hesitated, saying, “Well, that’s tough because I don’t fit into any categories.” After a long pause, she sighed, and then retracted “Yeah, actually, I do!” That got Katherine to open up and reveal a little bit about herself.

“I guess I was the type who didn’t do much with myself in high school-now I do,” told Katherine. “I wasn’t class valedictorian or anything like that. I definitely wasn’t a cool kid. Not that I am much of a cool kid now either.”

While Katherine may not view herself as a cool kid, we beg to differ. She has definitely made her mark at UMass Boston.

Currently, Katherine is in her senior year with a major in psychology and minor in biology. Because of her achievements in her fields of study, Katherine is a member of the Psi Chai Honors Society as well as the Golden Key Honors Society. After she finishes up at UMB, Katherine hopes to pursue a Ph.D.

Her friends acknowledge Katherine to be extraordinarily loyal-the type of friend who drops anything and everything for someone in need.

She admitted coming to UMB “because it’s cheap,” but then added, “I stayed here because I have experienced other universities.” By comparison, she feels, “Other students at UMB are here because they really want to be here and not because mommy and daddy are paying for it. It’s nice to be surrounded by students who feel that way.”

Like many other UMB students, Katherine had led an extraordinarily busy life while attending UMB full time, working two jobs.

Life has also had its setbacks for Katherine. In January of 2004, she unexpectedly lost her father. She learned fast that despite the immediate difficulties one comes up against in the face of tragedy, the world around still moves at a fast pace. “I had to put these tunnel vision glasses on and force myself into a mode. I couldn’t think too much about it, I just worried about finishing and doing everything that was direly necessary in order to get through it. That was my coping strategy.”

Her ability to transcend hardships has equipped her with the strength and maturity to battle through the rest of what life will offer her. Her goals and dreams are big, but a woman with the strength and courage like Katherine’s will bring her the smoothness she needs in order for her to realize them.

Katherine’s time at UMB is coming to an end, as she will walk in commencement this spring. Graduating from UMB, however, will only be the beginning of a brand new life for her. On June 17, Katherine will be getting married to her long time love.

“When I got together with Dan,” said Katherine, “he approached everything as our problem-it was immediately about teamwork. He is not only my future husband, but he is also my best friend.”