Three Chords and the Truth: The Ducky Boys Back from Hiatus

The Way it used to be.

The Way it used to be.

Thomas Luzaitis

BY THOMAS LUZAITISContributing Writer

Do you remember the old days of “The Rat” in Kenmore Square, or the all-ages punk shows that used to be scattered around downtown Boston? I know I don’t, as I’m not old enough to have gone to those shows, but I am still hearing stories of the “good old days” of Boston punk from the more seasoned veterans. When people tell me of these old days, the Ducky Boys are almost always in the midst of the conversation. Coming along at the same time as the Dropkick Murphys and usually playing with the Showcase Showdown at the Ratskellar (affectionately know as “The Rat,” as there did seem to be some sanitation issues), the Ducky Boys left an undeniable mark on the Boston punk rock scene. These old feelings are rekindled with the recent release of Three Chords and the Truth, after the reformed Ducky Boys’ extensive hiatus.

The record has the feelings of legitimate punk rock. It’s no surprise that Mark Lind (lead singer) has the Rolling Stones’ lips icon tattooed on his arm. With lyrics that talk of being on the city streets and fighting for every scrap you can get, all you have to do is listen to the lyrics of the song “One for the Underdogs.” Lind sings of a life where “nothing comes for free in this wicked world / So you seek it out or don’t get none,” and it’s easy to see where Lind is coming from.

The songs on this album, if nothing else, make a kid wish to have been part of those old days at “The Rat.” Event though I wasn’t around back in the glory days of Boston punk, I’ve nonetheless seen the Ducky Boys countless times. Every time I see them, it doesn’t matter if it’s in Providence in a crowd of just 15 people, or opening for the Dropkick Murphys at a sold-out show, the energy is always cranked to the same level and attitude. The guys in the Ducky Boys truly don’t care about other people’s standards or ideals; they’re here, they’re going to tell you what they think, and if you don’t like it then just step aside.

But don’t let their hard-edged attitude intimidate you; Mark, Steve, Doug, and Jay are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and are always willing to take the time to talk to people before or after shows and just chill out. Mark sings of experiences like this where they would have to be on the go all the time, “Wake up, Jay, you’ll have to drive, I’m half asleep and I’m less alive.” But I know that they always enjoyed those times, and still do.

The Ducky Boys will be playing at Lupos in Providence, RI on April 14

with Flogging Molly and Catch 22 as well as a few more dates in the area. Check out for more details on the shows, and you can pick up the new album, Three Chords and the Truth, at any fine retailer of music merchandise.