Men’s Tennis Drop Six in a Row

Shun Hasegawa


Salem State College and Western Connecticut State University defeated UMass Boston men’s tennis team (1-7, 0-3 LEC) in two Little East Conference matches on April 19 and April 21 respectively. The Beacons have been winless for six games, or since April 7 when they recorded the only win so far for the 2005 season at Eastern Nazarene College.

Junior Dat Nguyen and senior Chris Curtin were victorious in No.1 and No.2 singles against Salem State (4-4, 1-3 LEC), Nguyen teamed with freshman Glen Schleehauf to win an 8-6 doubles match. But the effort was not enough to overcome losses of four singles and a couple of doubles matches, including two forfeits.

Western Connecticut (7-1, 4-0 LEC) won all the six singles and three doubles matches in a 9-0 victory over hosting UMB. The Colonials didn’t give up a set against Beacons six singles players. With its third straight win, Western Connecticut tightly follows first-place University of Southern Maine (5-2, 5-0 LEC).

For the Beacons, Nguyen leads the Beacons with three singles wins (five losses), while the No.1-doubles champion of last year’s LEC Tournament has a 5-3 mark in doubles with Schleehauf. Curtin follows by winning two matches as a No.2 single.

UMB will host the last game of the 2005 season against UMass Dartmouth at the Clark Athletic Center on Saturday, April 30. LEC Tournament is scheduled at Danbury, Connecticut, on May 6 and 7.

Results against Salem State College: Dat Nguyen (UMB) def. Eric Goldberg (SSC) 6-0, 6-0. Chris Curtin (UMB) def. Brian Carlson (SSC) 6-2, 6-0. Kyle Watson (SSC) def. Glen Schleehauf (UMB) 6-4, 6-2. Sam Valemond (SSC) def. Ryu Ngo (UMB) 6-2, 6-2. Mat Guzzetti (SSC) def. Younes Elasri (UMB) 6-0, 6-0. Chaz Belleveau (SSC) def. UMass Boston (UMB), by forfeit. Dat Nguyen/Glen Schleehauf (UMB) def. Brian Carlson/Mat Guzzetti (SSC) 8-6. Eric Goldberg/Kyle Watson (SSC) def. Chris Curtin/Ryu Ngo (UMB) 8-4. SSC def. UMB, by forfeit.

Results against Western Connecticut State University: Matt Cusack (WCSU) def. Dat Nguyen (UMB) 6-0, 6-2. Aaron Ribchinsky (WCSU) def. Chris Curtin (UMB) 7-5, 6-3. Henry Ryerson (WCSU) def. Emilio Vallejo (UMB) 6-2, 6-0. Dave Forero (WCSU) def. Glen Schleehauf (UMB) 6-2, 6-1. Colin Robertson (WCSU) def. Ryu Ngo (UMB) 6-4, 6-2. Forest Robertson (WCSU) def. UMass Boston (UMB), by forfeit. Matt Cusack/Aaron Ribchinsky (WCSU) def. Dat Nguyen/Glen Schleehauf (UMB) 8-3. Henry Ryerson/Dave Forero (WCSU) def. Chris Curtin/Ryu Ngo (UMB) 8-6. Colin Robertson/Forest Robertson (WCSU) def. UMass Boston/UMass Boston (UMB), by forfeit.