TOMB will rock your Sarcophagus!

Disturbing the dead can be educational


Disturbing the dead can be educational

Denez McAdoo

Though I had seen the signs while roaming the mean streets around Fenway T-stop, and I’d read several print ads announcing its recent arrival in Boston, I still had almost no idea what this TOMB thing actually was. From what I could tell it looked interesting enough; it appeared to be some thing to do with skulls (featured in the ads) and possibly a tomb (as the name so implies). But it still wasn’t clear what this all meant. It is self-described as an “interactive, physically-immersive entertainment venue,” but you know “interactive physically-immersive entertainment venue” is somewhat of an umbrella term.

Well, it must be admitted that even now after completing the full TOMB experience, it’s still difficult to accurately describe what TOMB is about in a few words. This is largely due to the fact that there aren’t many other amusement opportunities out there quite like TOMB with which to make a convenient comparison. But it is this very uniqueness and ability to defy easy definition that is part of what makes TOMB so intriguing and what helps to ensure a steady flow of curious individuals to its Brookline Ave. location. This is good, because one needs an inquisitive mind in order to perform the tasks required to successfully complete TOMB. This is because TOMB is, in a very literal sense, a truly interactive experience, which means you, along with the five to 15 other members of your group, must actively work together to complete a series of physical and mental tasks. Placing its participants in the middle of a hands-on adventure is exactly what interactive amusement should be about. And TOMB does this quite like no other.

Of course, there is detailed story line that goes right alongside your engaging adventure. Apparently an ancient Egyptian tomb was discovered a decade ago and through the tireless efforts of a famous archeologist, the tomb was opened and explored. Unfortunately for science, that archeologist went into the tomb a fine strapping young lad and came out…well, he never came out. Since then, many experts and scientists have been studying and investigating the archeologist’s disappearance, but the secrets of the tomb remained hidden behind archaic stone slabs whose mystery was great enough to prevent modern science from open. Well, after stumping the experts, the next logical step, obviously, is to enlist the help of a bunch of average every-day schmucks just like us to have a crack at unlocking the unfathomable secrets of the ancient tomb. Don’t be intimidated or off-put if you sense a heavy-handed educational approach. This is not the case, and the main goal here remains entertainment. But along with the vividly detailed museum-level quality sets, TOMB also possesses a series of high quality dazzling special effects that helps create both a realistic and appropriately menacing atmosphere. Yes, menacing; your life is repeatedly threatened to enhance the immediacy of this action-packed adventure. It’s very much like you are allowed to inhabit the role of Indiana Jones, along with all the traps and pitfalls that come along with it. TOMB is being presented by the Fenway-based company 5-W!TS, which plans on expanding its venues and also rotating it’s installments. Future plans are for both a deep-sea underwater adventure in the vein of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, and also a spy themed action series in the vein of James Bond.

5-W!TS and its current show TOMB is located at 186 Brookline Avenue. Call 617-375-WITS (9487) for more details, or go to