Happy Birthday CMGI Field

Jason Campos

The Boston area finally has a sports facility that it can be proud of.

CMGI Field made its debut last Saturday, May 11 with a Major League Soccer match between the New England Revolution and Dallas Burn. The stadium was christened with a New England victory of 2-0.

Now some of you out there may cry “What about the Fleet Center?” Yes, I’m well aware that the current home of the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins is less than ten years old, so it would qualify as “new.” However, the aesthetics and intimacy of the interior has a lot to be desired, especially since its predecessor was the Boston Garden (although the Garden’s aesthetics was not one of its appealing characteristics to most patrons).

But back to the Fleet Center. The comfort level of the arena is umpteen times better than the Old Barn on Causeway, but it has all the appeal of a hospital room, sterile and uninviting. Renewed success on the part of the tenants may help to alter its present impressions on me, but only time will tell.

CMGI Field is now the proud resident of Foxboro, Massachusetts. Its presence is undoubtedly welcomed by the majority of Foxboro inhabitants, since the stadium will ensure a steady economic contribution to the community.

What makes the stadium stand out from its national counterparts is that the finance came almost exclusively from the pockets of Robert Kraft. The total cost of the stadium was around the sum of 400 million dollars. Only 70 million dollars came from the Massachusetts legislature, and that allotment was used strictly for the purpose of infrastructure of roads and utility improvements around the facility. Many other stadiums built within the last decade have been financed primarily by public funds. But not CMGI Field. Kudos to you, Bob.

This stadium will surpass the former home of the New England Patriots in every aspect of the average fan’s experience. The restrooms are clean and inviting; many of the concession stands are located in view of the field so fans will not miss any of the action; the seats are situated toward the center of the action to enhance the sedentary individual’s enjoyment.

The pristine facility will now be an attractive location to hold a variety of events from nationally staged athletic contests to music concerts. The legendary rock and roll group, The Rolling Stones, will initiate a music tour with a concert in CMGI Field later this year.

From a trademark lighthouse within sight of the field to function rooms that will draw corporate patronage, CMGI Field has wonderful blend of New England tradition and modern appeal that makes its not only the envy of every other sports facility in New England, but in the entire nation.