More Woman Than Most

MiMi Yeh

Amongst all the various types of cuisine and karaoke that came to UMass for the 2002 Spring Bash, one of the most creative and uncommon amusements was the drag show. Brought to the campus by Michael Sage, coordinator of the Queer Student Union, the show entailed, drag queens (men dressed as women), lip-synching, dancing, and telling jokes. The show featured four performers: Mizery, Ms. Chris, Destiny, and Tiger Lilly.

Mizery, a Boston resident and 2002 Ms. Hope, hosts the Monday night drag show at Axis and various other shows around New England, while Ms. Chris, also part of the latter show, bartends at Avalon on Sunday nights. Destiny works with both at Axis besides performing throughout Boston and designing her own costumes. Tiger Lilly of Gloucester, MA, performs in Boston as well.

According to Sage, this was a chance “to expose students to a part of gay culture with an entertaining twist.” Current Senate President and Student Trustee elect Heather Daewood stated, “The show had the largest crowd for a performance outside where no food was provided.”

Mizery, clad in a velvet purple suit, was mistress of the ceremonies, alternately wooing and wowing the crowd with her energetic kicks and periodic splits. Destiny’s dance to Britney Spears’ songs worked the crowd into a frenzy while Ms. Chris strutted up and down to Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle.” Tiger Lilly flashed her legs, dropping into daring poses.

“I hope this event has and will open new doors to bring together a new relationship between homosexuals and heterosexuals. It’s a great opportunity to show the campus that there is a Queer Student Union on campus and it is available to all.”