Shooting the Summer Breeze

Jason Campos

Ahh, summer time! The season for rest and relaxation (for everyone except UMass Boston students that is). So after a long, arduous semester, I leave with some light thoughts as most of us head to full-time jobs or more classes.

The phenomenal early season play of the Boston Red Sox has the New England region all giddy and excited. Yet there are threatening clouds that could rain on the parade of Boston fans. The Players Union has reportedly talked about a possible strike that could take place in August. The last time that there was a strike in baseball, the World Series ended up being canceled. I can see it now: first place Sox team and no World Series to play in.

I don’t know if it will happen, but a Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics championship series sure would be awesome. The greatest rival in National Basketball Association history has been dormant for well over a decade. Let’s hope it will wake up.

The Boston Bruins have some key players from last year’s squad that they have to resign. The two biggest names are winger (local boy) Bill Guerin and goaltender Byron Dafoe. It is unlikely that they will sign both of those players because each one will command a hefty salary. But if I had my druthers, I would rather have Guerin. I think that he gives the team more bang for the buck.

I am not the most knowledgeable fan of the world’s most popular spectator sport, but I do know that there is no more passionate global spectacle than the World Cup. What I enjoy about World Cup play is the passion that is exhibited by the millions of fans. Go to a Brazilian restaurant or an Irish bar during a game in which the mother country is playing and you’ll see what I mean.

Other things to watch for in the next three months or so: Tiger Woods will win the next three majors tournaments in golf (the US Open, the British Open, and the Players Championship); the Red Sox will make a big trade (probably a pitcher) to better their chances in the postseason (if there is one); Yao Ming, the seven foot five inch center from Shanghai, will become the number one pick in the NBA draft in June (he could be a great center here in the United States, which might not be that difficult since there is only one great center now).

If none of the above interests you, there is Patriots training camp, which will begin in about two months in Smithfield, Rhode Island. The two biggest questions for the Patriots are who backs up quarterback Tom Brady and can they repeat as Super Bowl champions? I’d like to have those kinds of problems.