Now the World Knows Who’s Number One

Jason Campos

Jason Campos

Jason Campos

Go ahead, all you Patriot fans, drink from the cup of victory and bask in the light of an unbelievable championship season of your local football team.

Give another holler of joy if you’re not hoarse or another round of applause if your hands aren’t still sore (like mine are).

The Patriots’ victory in Super Bowl XXXVI will go down as one of the great upsets in professional sports championship history. The majority of sports media pundits from around the country dismissed any chance of the Pats winning the game (although there were a few personalities and scribes that actually picked New England to win).

What can be said about the Patriots that hasn’t already been said? Probably nothing by now. The excitement and pride from this unexpected and incredible season will be relished for quite some time. The organization made a great turnaround from last year’s 5-11 season. Although there were some obstacles and issues the team had to deal with (Terry Glenn and the quarterback controversy), the team showed a collective fortitude and resolve in overcoming them.

The most amazing thing about the game was that the entire team played well. Although Tom Brady came away with the MVP trophy (as well as a hideous looking Cadillac SUV), Ty Law, Antowain Smith, and Otis Smith all made strong cases for MVP. Willie McGinest, who played reasonably well, committed a really silly penalty that cost the Pats a touchdown, but in the end, the team still came out on top.

I’ve heard plenty of whining from those who are sore about the Patriots winning, but just ignore them all, New England. The Rams lost the game because the Patriots beat them. Their players and supporters can say that they made mistakes and that they beat themselves. That’s a bunch of malarkey. The Rams made mistakes because the Patriots forced them to make mistakes.

If you had the chance to go to the rally, I really envy you (I was in class). Just enjoy this feeling of elation for as long as you can. Because of the topsy-turvy climate of the NFL, it may be a while before the Patriots get back to the Super Bowl, let alone win another championship. So let that grin show for as long as you want, thump that chest, and let the whole world know: