Police Log

Gin Dumcius

Monday, September 15

10:05am – A minor car accident on University Drive East. No injuries were reported.

1:15pm – Alarms in McCormack Hall were accidentally tripped.

2:08pm – Person called up a department in McCormack and got nasty.

10:55pm – Visiting hockey players were once again caught drinking in the Clark Center, in what has now become a weekly occurrence.

Tuesday, September 16

4:44pm – Item taken from Quinn Building cafeteria.

10:31pm – Item taken from Wheatley locker.

Wednesday, September 17

7:29am – Staff member set off an alarm in McCormack Hall.

5:27pm – Player from an opposing school got injured while on the field.

6:09pm – Peeping Tom in the Clark Center ladies locker room.

Thursday, September 18

10:35am – Theft reported in the Healey Library, as well as one in the Clark Center at 1:06pm.

2:18pm – Suspicious man in the Science Center men’s room, but had disappeared by the time police arrived.

Friday, September 19

1:11am – More hockey players drinking, this time in the Science Center. They’ve got it down to an art, it seems.

12:10pm – Theft reported in Wheatley Hall.

2:24pm – Suspicious person reported in Wheatley Hall labs, hopefully not the same ones that hold radioactive materials.

6:27pm – Campus police assisted State Police in making an arrest of a minor in possession of alcohol on University Drive South.

Saturday, September 20

8:06am – Person was hyperventilating, but refused medical assistance.

8:15am – Alarm in Wheatley set off by accident.

11:55am – Police stood by as people exchanged papers due to an accident on University Drive West.

12:25pm – Roller bladders reportedly went crazy and zipped through campus.

5:49pm – Alarm went off in Wheatley. Police checked area and found nothing.

6:58pm – Sprained ankle reported in the Plaza. Person was gone by the time police got there.

7:06pm – Unconscious male was found outside JFK Library. An ambulance and fire truck were called.

Sunday, September 21

11:47am – 9-1-1 Hang-up in the lower busway.

12:54pm – Injury from previous day reported. A different person reported the same thing at 4:30pm.

4:58pm – Hockey player broke collar-bone. Medical assistance was called.