Police Log

Gin Dumcius

Sunday, August 10

1:45am- UMass police assisted Boston Police in a traffic stop.

3:06pm- 9-1-1 hang-up on the Lower Busway. They’ve never hung up on me.

Monday, August 11

8:31pm- A suspicious person was walking around the science center in the construction. He was questioned and cleared. Scientologists rejoiced.

8:59pm- Intrusion alarms sounded in the McCormack Building. That’s what happens when you try to sneak into work early.

2:03pm- Larceny reported in McCormack.

4:40pm- Larceny reported in the Clark Center.

5:46pm- Someone found a threatening note on the car underneath the Science Center. Don’t mess with scientists.

Tuesday, August 12

11:05am- A student reported feeling ill in Wheatley and was medically assisted.

5:08pm- A youth reportedly tossed a basketball at an NSTAR vehicle on University Dr. North. A juvenile complaint was made.

7:02pm- UMass Police assisted the BFD in a heart attack on University Dr. South.

3:50pm- Juvenile complaints were heard after youths were riding skateboards on the Lower Busway. Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like a boring place to skate.

5:05pm- Suspicious person spotted sitting in the woods near the water. Beware the sitters.

2:50pm- Intrusion alarms went off in the science center. That’s what you get for trying to sneak out of work early.

Saturday, August 16

10:48am- Someone pulled the fire alarm in the Service Building. This is a crime.

7:27pm- The sprinklers went off in the Healey. No reports of laughing children cooling off.

Tuesday, August 19

10:41am- Alarms were heard in the Administration building.

1:51pm- Someone tripped an alarm and couldn’t remember the code to shut it off.

7:27pm- A man reported another fellow backed into him and ran off. It wouldn’t be noteworthy except they were driving.

11:10pm- Alarms were sounded in McCormack. Everything checked out ok.

Wednesday, August 20

1:59pm- Larceny reported in the Campus Center. Come on, people, it’s not even finished yet.

3:00pm- UMass PD assisted Harbor Point Security.

Thursday, August 21

4:11pm- Someone else pulled a fire alarm. This is a crime.

5:00pm- Harassment was reported in the McCormack. One student complained about another.

Friday, August 22

11:17pm- A suspicious vehicle was reported dumping trash. They claimed to be UMass contractors. 11pm is the perfect time to dump your work debris. Saturday, August 23

9:39 A couple was arguing on University Dr. East. They were advised of their rights.

Sunday, August 24

6:04pm- Someone didn’t set the alarms properly in the Science center and they went off. This is what happens when you leave work late.