News Briefs – 6/12/03

Gin Dumcius

Motley New To Crew

New to the administration crew in the Quinn Building is Dr. J. Keith Motley. After a nationwide search for a vice chancellor for student affairs, Motley made the final four, and was seen as an early favorite by some. Dr. Motley is formerly of Northeastern University, where he was Dean of Student Services, as well as a student. He started work there professionally in the department of admissions and rose from there, also working as Associate Dean/Director of the John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute and Associate Dean/Director for the Office of Minority Student Affairs. “In both positions,” Chancellor Jo Ann M. Gora wrote in a recent memo, “he was successful in improving freshman retention rates.”

UMass Boston has had problems with retention rates, with many students complaining of lack of housing as one of the reasons. With the prospect of dorms dimmed, UMB is now looking at other ways to solve the problem.

Dr. Motley currently chairman of the Newbury College Board of Trustees

The position of vice chancellor for student affairs is a new one, where the person reports directly to Chancellor Gora and assumes control of the Office of Student Affairs.

“I look forward with the greatest enthusiasm to the important qualities and experience he will bring to our campus,” wrote Chancellor Gora.

Interim Dean of Students Angeline Lopes Ellison, who took over after Dean Stephanie Janey left, is currently on a three-month maternity leave, and Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management Kathy Teehan is stepping in as Acting Dean of Students until Dr. Motley arrives July 28.

Million Dollar Uncle Sam

The National Science Foundation (NSF) gave $3 million dollars in a grant to UMass Boston in order to establish “regional center for advanced technology education,” says a UMB press release.

A check, signed by “Uncle Sam,” was given by U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy to UMass Boston Chancellor Gora, and UMass President William Bulger.

The university can also expect another $1.5 million in the form of a three-year grant, from the NSF, $1.8 million-dollar five-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education, and a $1.5 million-dollar five-year grant from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Budget Cuts CURE

A “town meeting” is scheduled on UMass Boston’s budget situation on July 9, from 1pm to 4pm in the Ryan Lounge. Recommendations from the 18-member CURE (Committee of the University on Revenues and Expenditures) will be presented to deal with 12.4 percent cut in state funding dealt to UMB over the last several years, and to prepare for more cuts in the coming year.

The CURE Report, according to a university-wide memo by Chancellor Gora, will be in the Healey Library June 30 for review to give people time to digest all the information before the town meeting.

“Before any final decisions are made, I need advice, counsel and comment from all corners of our campus: faculty, staff, students and administrators,” wrote Gora. “This task is too important to take place without this kind of guidance. The time has passed for the incremental steps we have taken to date; we are now certain we must make significant cuts in our spending.”