C. F. Donovan’s: A Hidden Gem

C. F. Donovans: A Hidden Gem

Michael Hogan

We continue our tour of the local hotspots. Last week I took you on a tour of UMass Boston’s unofficial bar, The Banshee. This week we take a trip a ten minute trip from campus, one stop down the red line to Savin Hill’s C.F. Donovan’s.

Located at 112 Savin Hill Ave, across the street diagonally from the Savin Hill T-Station, C. F. Donovan’s is more than your average local eatery. Less of a bar and more of a reasonably priced upscale place, C. F. Donovan’s is not somewhere to head to on a Thursday night after class to down a few brewskies with some rowdy friends. But if you’re looking for a place to take that certain classmate who has caught your eye, look no further. It’s more of a quiet, get to know you better and at the same time impress you with my sense of style, kind of place.

The slick staff dressed all in black is courteous and attentive. The interior is separated into two sections. The first, about a third of the room, is where one finds the bar. The second, the other two thirds or so, is the dining room. The tables are decorated with fresh flowers and crisp white table settings. The meal begins with a small loaf of fresh baked bread, a welcome departure from the stale rolls one is used to in other eateries.

The crowd, at least on a Friday afternoon, consists mainly of local middle aged couples and small groups of friends, (probably locally residing students or professionals just off of work). You’re more likely to find three-piece suits and polo shirts here than a Boston Bruins jersey and a Red Sox hat.

Really, C. F. Donovan’s is the place you go for a quiet meal with friends or that special someone, not a rousing round of drunken Journey songs. An extensive wine list and average beer selection compliment an extensive menu that ranges from your average pub food (burgers, fish and chips, and chicken fingers) to more elaborate dishes (chicken satay, a thai style chicken appetizer, and chicken curry, an Indian style dish). C. F. Donovan’s also offers a creative array of weekly specials ranging from pumpkin ravioli to tuna teriyaki to Chilean sea bass and lobster ravioli.

The meal is finished with a selection from one of the best dessert menus in the area. Two different types of chocolate mousse and tiramisu highlight the menu. There is really no bad choice when dining at C. F. Donovan’s. They also now offer the opportunity to order food for take-out for those days or nights when you find yourself waiting a few hours between classes and the hunger pains strike.