Comedian Godfrey Gets Serious at UMass

Photo by Taylor Fife

Photo by Taylor Fife

Taylor Fife

After performing for the UMass Boston student body on September 7, comedian Godfrey gives an interview with The Mass Media.

The Mass Media: How was UMass compared to other schools?

Godfrey: UMass sucks! No no, I’m messing, UMass was cool man, I had a fun time…I got me a UMass sweatshirt. How many people can say they have a UMass sweatshirt?

MM: How do you like being a comedian?

Godfrey: Fun as hell. Hard work, but fun. It’s the hardest form of entertainment. But I was made for it, so it’s fun. Just being to go on stage and express your opinion, but making people laugh too. I love what I do and no one can take it from me, and I’ll let you know I love it.

MM: Do you have anything to tell UMass Boston students??

Godfrey: Hey man, I say life is nothing without laughter, not to be corny, but it’s real. Laughter is what gets us through our times man, you need that, we are the saviors of this world. Sometimes you need us to look at stuff and go ‘you know what, that is so true’ you can laugh at it and no one gets hurt. That’s why I’m glad to be part of the elite artists called comedians.

I feel like you should be able to joke about anything. The funny thing is, comedy is one of the most serious businesses. It’s a serious business. To be funny you have to be more serious than the average person because you got to know about stuff, you have to read a lot of stuff, you have to be able to make some one laugh out of that situation. That’s a new dendrite being formed.

MM: **confused look**

Godfrey: Psychology, ya know, dendrite, synaptic development. I was pre-med psych.

MM: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Godfrey: What major are you?

MM: Poli-sci

Godfrey: Ugh, George Bush, idiot, no dendrite, no synapses.

[Student yells “Colleen McKiernan is a Republican!”]

Godfrey: (Turning to Colleen) Are you a Republican? You really like Bush? I mean, just forget about the Republican thing, as a human being, you really like Bush? What, How?

No politician is great, don’t get me wrong. He can’t run-to run 50 states is crazy, it’s like your house, you know how there’s that one room that’s always shittier than the rest? You keep the living room tight, you keep the TV room tight, you keep the kitchen and the bedroom, but then the den, ehhhh, I don’t go over there too often. I think that’s how the country is. South Dakota? Alright, we really don’t need them, do we? Alright, send them some money, get them to sweep up, alright

But that’s how I think of it, to run 50 states is crazy. Bush! How the hell? Really. I mean, as far as comedy, he’s unbelievable for it. Unreal! It’s like a dream. I don’t even joke about the guy because it’s too easy! It’s so easy that people don’t even think it’s funny because there are so many people joking on him. I think the word Bush is used for evil now. Because my friends, when they do something really mean to me I go ‘that’s really Bush of you man, that’s Bush’. It’s inhumane, it’s like ‘that’s pretty Bush of you dude, you’re getting real Bush on me’. I’ve never seen somebody like this before in my life. People’s kids are dying because of this guy.

The whole New Orleans incident, that’s unforgivable. I know the country’s racist, but damn, bread and water? Please, even bread and water, even the Ku Klux Klan is all ‘whoa, we better take off our sheets for this one like. Damn, I’d at least give ‘some water, shit’. I met Laura Bush before, it was something for Dr. King’s birthday, she’s nice. What he does is inhumane, it’s incredible.

He’s getting people killed and murdered, and people’s kids are dying in the army, just getting slaughtered. But you see, when it doesn’t happen to you everyone’s all like ‘it’s okay’. When your son, 21, gets blown up, I mean, I just can’t forgive that, it’s terrible. I would like him assassinated personally, I would not be upset if he was killed. That’s real, it’s to that point where somebody ought to get rid of him.

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