Police Log – 2/06/03

Natalia Cooper

Monday, January 27

4:21pm- University Drive South: A vehicle stopped at the lights was rear-ended by another vehicle.

9:30pm- A student wasn’t feeling well in the Administration Building and came to the Campus Safety office. She was released into the care of her sister.

Tuesday, January 28

10:38am- In Wheatley Hall, an alarm sounded due to a power failure.

1:27pm- After falling down stairs in the Service Building and injuring an ankle, party refused medical attention.

1:39pm- A locker in the Wheatley Building was burglarized.

7:44pm- In the McCormack Building a student was making copies, when the student was done s/he accidentally left his/her wallet on the copy machine. When s/he realized the wallet was missing s/he returned to the copy machine and the wallet was gone.

Thursday, January 30

1:08pm- A dispute was reported between a faculty member and a student. The two were engaged in a heated discussion concerning the student’s performance on the Writing Proficiency Exam and things got ugly.

3:36pm- A bag was stolen from the Healey Library. It was left unattended.

3:47pm- Another bag was taken from Healey.

4:29pm- Another bag was taken, this time from the McCormack Building.

8:38pm- A 9-1-1 call was received from one of the emergency call boxes on University Drive North. Campus Safety responded and checked the area, but found no one.

Saturday, February 1

11:26pm- A car was stopped for going the wrong way on the rotary. The driver was found to be under the influence and was charged with an OUI.